What Is The Difference Between AniTrend & AniList?

AniTrend is just a 3rd party mobile client (not affiliated with AniList) that connects to AniList to display what you would more or less see when you go to the website. What does this mean? It means all the anime and manga entries shown in the application are owned by AniList and we have no control over that.

Why Are Application Features Only Translated & Not Things Like Synopsis e.t.c?

Like as I mentioned above AniTrend doesn't own any of the data that is presented from AniList so If you want that you want anime, manga, character information to be translated you have to contact the AniList owners and ask them for that. AniTrend only provides translations for application features

Will You Ever Support Language X or Update Translations?

AniTrend translations are done by other users like yourself and I (reason why some translations are updated late) so If you want support for Language X then you need to join our Discord Server from there just ask one of the admins how to go about it in #general

Currently we are not accepting new translations as v2.0 is going to be a completely rewrite of the current application

Can I Stream Anime or Read Manga?

This is not a streaming or manga reading application, rather it is a social platform for anime/manga fans that allows you to track your progress and find new listings. In addition to that showing copyright content that we do not have ownership or the rights to display is piracy which we do not employ nor support. This is why there are links to different streaming services in the anime details page.

Why Can't I View 18+ Even Though I Enabled It In AniList?

This is against Googles policy, showing adult content would violate the T&Cs. But why can app x, y, z show 18+ content and nothing happens to them? That's a good question, just because app X doesn't get caught doesn't mean I should do it too.

Do you guys have any plans to work around this? Yes we do by providing of the application through F-Droid & Play Store (for the non 18+ version). How long will this take?? (We don't know)

Why Is Anime or Manga X, Y, Z Missing (not listed in the app)?

As I pointed out earlier AniTrend is a 3rd party client and doesn't add anime or manga entries into the AniList database rather the AniList community adds or edits entries some the mods over at AniList will check and approve or disapprove whatever has been added. You can also do this on your own if you find a certain show or information missing from any entry.

You can add new entries that don't exist on the platform? AniList Guidelines & Data Submissions

Why Do Notifications Only Show Up When I Launch The App?

On the contrary notification work as expected on plain android operating system devices like the Pixel devices. Unlike stock roms from Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi, Huawei e.t.c that usually customise the android operating system to fit their needs. Most commonly force stopping the application when you close it to improve battery life but results in notification never being checked in the background.

How can I work around this? Depending on your phone you can add AniTrend as an exception to you battery saver if possible if not you will have to wait till Google has a workaround for this.

Here's some technical information as to why this happens on different phones Work Manager Not Running when app clears in Task Manager & Android. Is WorkManager running when app is closed?