Getting Started

Building The Source Code

After forking or cloning the project you will need to do the following before you can actually compile the project.

  1. Copy google-services.json into the appfolder

  2. Copy secrets into the root project folder

  3. Rename secrets to

You can find the files inapp/.travis-ci/

What to do when the build fails?

When the project fails to build even after you've completed the above steps, to resolve this you should try to delete the problematic library files in the .idea/libraries/ folder:

  • Find and delete all theGradle__com_android_support_xxx.xmlfiles

  • In android studio Sync IDE with file system & Sync project files with Gradle files

  • Rebuild your project

Alsogradle clean may prove useful after the above steps

Getting The API Key

Before you can build & run from the source code you will need an API key from AniList Developer Page, after you will need to copy the ID & Secret and place them and that is it!


Make sure that the Redirect URL is set tointent://com.mxt.anitrendas this is what the application listens for after a successful authentication process, the name can be set to whatever you desire